Employment Opportunity

We are currently seeking a part-time Music Director – 10 to 12 hours per week.

Job Title:                 Part Time Music Director
Department:            Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Newman Center
Reports to:              Pastor and Office Manager
FLSA status:            Non-Exempt

Please submit your resume and the application to Mary Jean Snow at marys@catholicreno.org
or by mail at 290. S. Arlington Ave., Reno, NV 89501.
All resumes and applications should be submitted not later than June 16, 2017


To provide music accompaniment and direction for all worship experiences at Our Lady of Wisdom with music that is appropriate and prayerful. To provide rehearsal, musical performance, and direction in all areas of worship in order to further and develop the worship experience of congregants at Our Lady of Wisdom.
Music Direction and Planning

  • Aid in worship by selecting appropriate music from all available resources that fits the theme of the worship experience.
  • Investigate new sources of music that the Music Ministry can use to further enhance the music program and make worship experiences more prayerful for all congregants, such as hymns, Mass settings, or different musical genres.
  • Direct and hold regular rehearsals, as well as any additional rehearsals that may be needed, for Music Ministry choirs.
  • Arrange to meet with Music Ministry members outside of rehearsals as needed to practice new music.
  • As requested by Pastor, Pastoral Associate, or congregants, select and coordinate music services for weddings and funerals.
  • Provide assistance and planning help for congregants holding weddings or funerals.
  • Provide input to Pastor and Pastoral Associate as to needed upgrades or changes to existing musical infrastructure (i.e. sound system, instruments).

Musical Performance

  • Provide piano accompaniment for Music Ministry at weekly Sunday Masses, appropriate weekday Masses, and other days or events as needed.
  • In the event of planned absence from a scheduled performance at Mass, will arrange to find suitable substitute direction and music accompaniment as needed for Music Ministry choirs.


  • Provide regular communication to Music Ministry members as to rehearsals, musical resources, and Mass times.
  • Purchase music arrangements as needed upon approval from Pastor or Pastoral Associate.
  • Maintain music library and catalog system for physical copies of music.
  • Copy, design, and print worship aids as needed for different seasons of the liturgical year.
  • Participate with Pastor, other staff, and Music Ministry members to find ways to develop and enhance the worship experience through music.

Reports To

  • Pastor and Office Manager