A message from Bishop Calvo

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Preparing for Resuming Public Masses

For several weeks now, I have been working with diocesan staff and parish priests in planning for the day when we can resume parish liturgies.  We eagerly look forward to that day but also are exercising due diligence in making the necessary preparations.  This is essential for safety.  We want to make sure the worship environment is as safe as possible following federal, state and health guidelines and recommendations.  There is much to consider for there are various aspects that include social distancing in seating, sufficient supplies for necessary cleaning of surface areas, to name a few.  All pastors along with parish leaders have been asked to proceed in this planning so we will be ready when the day comes that we can resume gathering together.

The health and safety of all participants in our liturgies are paramount.  This is nothing less than a moral obligation for us to follow.  It is a matter not only of charity toward neighbor but also justice.  Health and life are precious gifts from God which we are bound to safeguard.  Parishes will be doing their part in following safety protocols; we will be asking parishioners to do their part in respecting these protocols.  Please keep this in your mind and, more importantly, in your heart for this will be a circumstance for us to heed Jesus’ command that we love one another.

More information will be forthcoming from the diocese and your parishes.

Bishop Calvo

May 14, 2020