A Nevada Catholic Conference Advisory – Decline to Sign

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In preparation for Nevada’s November 2024 general election, there are two abortion related ballot initiatives for which signatures either have been or are currently being collected, that propose to enshrine abortion into our Nevada Constitution.

The Nevada Catholic Conference opposes these constitutional amendments, and the efforts seeking to permanently place the right to abortion in our state constitution, because:

  • It dangerously expands abortion rights. Abortion, already legal in Nevada up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, would now be permitted to the 9th month of pregnancy, to full term.
  • It removes parental notification, consent, and family involvement from all reproductive decisions for their minor children, including abortion and the treatment of issues such as gender dysphoria.
  • It eliminates the ‘licensed physician’ requirement for abortion and substitutes ‘health care practitioner’ that could include nurses, physical therapists, dieticians, and athletic trainers (NRS 629.031) which would be dangerous to women in Nevada.

For these and many other reasons, the Nevada Catholic Conference urges all – Decline to Sign!
Learn more on this and other initiatives at: www.NevadaCatholic.org or scan the QR code below