A Note from Bishop Calvo

Abortion bill in Nevada Legislature

 The Nevada State Assembly is now hearing SB 179, a bill that revises current statute regulating abortion.  It expands this threat to the sanctity of human life in a number of ways.  It takes away a physician’s obligation to obtain the age of the person undergoing an abortion, circumventing the obligation as a mandatory reporter of sexual assault or abuse of a minor.  It decriminalizes unqualified persons who perform or assist with abortions and thus removes important protections making it easy to prey on economically challenged immigrant populations and victims of human trafficking.  It neglects to address parental notification of underage minors seeking an abortion.

We need you to express your opposition to SB 179.  Please go on the legislative website to register your opposition: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/80th2019/.  Enter “SB179” in the box and click on “against”.  Or call you legislator at 775-684-1400.