WELCOME in the name of Jesus Christ and the Newman Community!​

Our Lady of Wisdom Newman Center is the community for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Nevada, Reno. It is a dedicated Catholic ministry serving the university community. We welcome everyone who is seeking to know Jesus and grow deeper in friendship with Him. Jesus calls us to be welcoming and gracious to everyone whom he is drawing to himself, and we delight in doing so!

Our faith community mission is to encourage everyone at the University of Nevada Reno to encounter Jesus and to respond to that encounter in committed friendship and life-long service to God and others.  We encourage students to excel and thrive in their college (undergraduate and graduate) years and to give witness to the importance of faith that connects intelligence, knowledge, divine revelation and science. We invite you to join us for any and all of our activities in addition to Sunday Masses:

  • even if you have been away from the practice of your faith for some time
  • OR if you come from an old-fashioned or “dull” parish
  • OR even if you have difficulty with some of the beliefs and values connected with the Catholic Church.

Most Rev. Daniel H. Mueggenborg

Bishop of Reno

Our Lady of Wisdom Newman Center & Parish