WELCOME in the name of Jesus Christ and the Newman Community!​

Our Lady of Wisdom Newman Center is the community for Catholic students, faculty and others around the University of Nevada, Reno. It is the smallest Catholic parish in the Reno-Sparks area. We try make it an intimate and intentional community of gospel fellowship in the Catholic Theological and Intellectual Tradition. We pride ourselves on being the parish open to everyone of good will. Our parish embodies a safe environment for all. We only admit sinners, but sinners who rejoice in the God whose very name is “Love” and who embrace the gospel of Christ. We have worshipers from all around Nevada, the USA, and the world. We are enriched by people from many different ethnicities, languages, and even some non-Catholic religious traditions. The gospel of Christ compels us to be welcoming and gracious to everyone, and we delight in doing so!

We presume the best about people, and welcome the holy richness of diversity. This works only in gospel fellowship, that is, in a genuinely humble faith-fill community. God calls us to be a holy, compassionate, and intelligent people, a people together. Here at Newman there is no place for hatred, bigotry, hate speech or inappropriate behavior towards others. We know and acknowledge that much hurt has been caused and much wrong done with the excuse of our religious faith. We reject hurtful, hate-filled, or unkind behaviors, attitudes, words and actions. We often sing a song entitled “All Are Welcome!” and we mean it! Diversity is a treasure. We want to announce the gospel, i.e., the “good news” of Christ to everyone! Whatever label or category helps you identify yourself; we welcome you. We try not to use labels, but they are realities of life. Whom do we invite? Specifically, this includes:

  • old and young and in between,
  • straight and LGBTQ+,
  • well-to-do and less so,
  • physically or emotionally limited,
  • wheel-chair users and those with walkers,
  • hearing impaired,
  • those recovering from addiction,
  • single or married,
  • divorced or re-married,
  • whether within or outside of the church.
    Indeed, the list goes on and on!

Indeed, we don’t always know what we need to do at first, but if you and your companions will engage with us in living the gospel, we will do our very best to figure out what we are able to do in order to make ours a welcome worthy of the name of Christ! Indeed, to do less, is contrary to his gospel! Lies, bigotry or hatred, hate-speech or contempt of the stranger, the poor, the needy and the desperate, or of any different from us, to fail to welcome and feed and clothe and assist… any of these is to actively reject his gospel and us, his church. Indeed, failure to welcome with respect rejects Christ himself! At Newman we appreciate our rich and diverse history and our wealth of talents and blessings. We live realistically in the present. We have hope in great ideals for the future! We move forward! We are growing and evolving! We trust in God’s Holy Spirit and in the gospel of Christ and the good people within and outside of his church!

Our faith community mission is to encourage everyone at the University of Nevada Reno to excel and thrive in their college (undergraduate and graduate) years and to give witness to the importance of intelligent gospel faith to connect with intelligence, knowledge and science. We invite you to join in for any and all of our activities in addition to Sunday Masses:

  • even if you have been away from the practice of your faith for some time
  • OR if you come from an old-fashioned or “dull” parish
  • OR even if you differ with some of the beliefs and values connected with the Catholic Church.

Understand that many in the Catholic Tradition, both clergy and lay, question, challenge, and even reject, some of the un-nuanced and out-of-date ideas simplistically said to be “Catholic” in practice, teaching or doctrine. Catholic beliefs are always evolving and growing and maturing! Healthy Catholicism is always compassionate and respectful!

If you are Catholic and thankful to God, our Eucharistic community is here for you! Whether you are Catholic or not, being human and humane together is the first step to genuine peace and respect. Indeed, we all need each other! We live in the USA, in the rich Catholic spiritual and intellectual Tradition, in the 21st Christian Century, five decades after the renewals and reforms of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. Our community is small, but we try to make it a place which is, as the Psalmist sings, “a house of prayer for all God’s peoples.” Welcome to your new spiritual home!

Father Nathan Mamo, S.T.L.
Pastor & Director
Our Lady of Wisdom Newman Center & Parish