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At Little Flower Catholic School, we work towards becoming our best S.E.L.F.

Servant                 Educated             Leader        Faith-filled


Front Office Management and Expectations

General Front Office Protocol

  1. Overall Atmosphere
  2. Welcoming
  3. Positive
  4. Professional
  5. Tidy
  6. Well organized

Our front office is often the first impression people have of our school.  The front office should be welcoming.  It should visually and in essence demonstrate who we are – a Catholic, family-oriented school.  The front office should be clean, free from clutter, and have a pleasant scent.

Workspace Expectations

  1. Desks are clean, free from clutter and dusted.
  2. Papers are in file folders or desk organizers.
  3. Supplies are stored in drawers or appropriate cabinets.
  4. Counters are clear
    1. One student lunch counter and student drop/off counter
      1. behind the security desk is acceptable
    2. Office instruments (pens, paper) for guests are acceptable

General Responsibilities

  1. Greet everyone as they enter the office.
  2. Answer all phone calls and be able to answer an assortment of questions.
  3. Answer all doorbells.
  4. Maintain a welcoming and professional front office.
  5. Maintain a clean and organized front office.
  6. Direct/forward phone calls to the appropriate people.
  7. Notify employees when an appointment has arrived.
  8. Provide visitor badges to guests.
  9. Run guests through Raptor.
  10. Sort mail.
    1. Junk mail to a specific bin (possibly even garbage)
    2. Specific mail to appropriate inboxes
  1. Check out technology devices.
  2. Open door for teachers and student entering the office
  3. Other duties as necessary or assigned.

Attendance Responsibilities

  1. Answer and respond to all attendance phone calls.
  2. Read and respond to all attendance emails.
  3. Receive, review, and verify any and all attendance information and documentation.
  4. Track all attendance data via excel spreadsheet/ FACTS.
  5. Provide attendance reports as necessary.
  6. Contact parents/guardians as necessary.
  7. Document tardy and early dismissals in FACTS.
  8. Illness tracking as requested or required via Word and/or Excel.
  9. Admit all students called to the office for any reason.
  10. Keep the sick-room clean and organized.


  • Compile, organize, and keep student records up-to-date.
  • Care for injured and/or sick students.
  • Track student medication.


  • Compile, organize, and send out ‘Daily Little Note’.  Distribute daily notes to parents through FACTS.
  • Organize and send out a monthly newsletter.  Distribute the monthly newsletter to parents through FACTS.
  • Organize and send out ‘Good News’.  Distribute to Karen via email.
  • If appropriate, send out informational message via email to parents.
  • Send out other communication to parents as needed.

Virtus Compliance

  • Track Parent Virtus Compliance
  • Track Teacher Virus Compliance

FACTS Responsibilities

  • Enroll and/or un-enroll students in classes in FACTS.
  • Pull reports from FACTS (i.e. rosters, attendance, demographics).
  • Pull grades and print report cards at the end of quarters and semester.
  • Pulls transcripts and report cards for students.

Teacher Absences

  • Collect pre-planned absence paperwork and find a substitute to fill the absence.
  • Collect short and long term absence paperwork and find a substitute to fill absences.


  • Procedures for substitutes.
  • Ensure substitutes have substitute binder, keys, and rosters.


  • Pull data from FACTS to generate private school reports.
  • Assist principal in writing reports as needed.

Cumulative folders

  • Set up cumulative folders.
  • Scan and send over records via email to schools.


  • Coordinate fall pictures.
  • Coordinate spring pictures.
  • Coordinate Kindergarten graduation pictures.
  • Coordinate 8th Grade graduation pictures.


  • Organize the delivery of school lunches.


  • Be able to type and proofread emails, letters, etc. for principal.


  • Schedule church for the 8th grade graduation, kindergarten graduation, NJHS ceremony.
  • Schedule hall for school dances.
  • Schedule other events as necessary.


  • Keep the calendar updated.
  • Keep the website updated.

Position reports to: School Principal

Evaluation: Semi-annual:  Mid-Year Progress and End of Year Final

Little Flower School community provides children a Catholic education rooted in high academic expectations, leadership, and service opportunities in a faith-filled environment.