Life, Peace and Justice Committee

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Do you know and love Catholic Social Teaching?  Do you know little about Catholic Social Teaching, but would like to learn more? 

Do you try to live by three fundamental principles of Catholic Teaching?  1) The innate and unending dignity of each human person; 2) the Common Good; 3) Solidarity.  Would you like to understand these concepts better?

Do you feel called to live your faith beyond your parish boundaries?

Consider joining the Life, Peace & Justice Commission of the Diocese of Reno..  It would be wonderful for the Commission to have representation from every parish in our diocese, something much more doable with ZOOM technology in our present day.

“Our redemption has a social dimension because ‘God, in Christ, redeems not only the individual person, but also the social relations existing between men,’” Joy of the Gospel, #148.

Contact Rita Sloan, Coordinator for the Life ,Peace & Justice Commission at or 775-849-1653 or Father Chuck Durante, Chair of the Life, Peace & Justice Commission at