Pray for the Hungry

God’s Calls Us to Action
As recorded in the Bible, God called men and women to action at various times in history. In most of these instances, like those described in Ezekiel 34, God’s people were facing times of spiritual decay. Their leaders did not address the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable people they ruled. Instead, they used them for their own selfish ends. The leaders met weakness and injury with callous cruelty and unrighteousness. They failed to follow God’s commands that they should care for poor and marginalized people. Join us in this invocation, and intensify our intercessory prayers for such a time as this.



O God of justice and righteousness. 

Help us to advocate empowered by the strength provided by You to imitate your compassion in this broken hurting world. 

Forgive us if we have passed on the other side of those in need, hoping to avoid their intrusive claims upon our daily routine. 

Forgive us for using material wealth as spiritual anesthesia and find ourselves “rich in things and poor in soul.” 

Forgive us when the enormity of injustice leaves us “weary in well-doing.” 

Widen our hearts to unstop our ears to the cries or those crying for justice. 

Open the eyes and ears of our lawmakers so they may be moved to compassion for all the children, women, and men struggling with hunger and poverty. 

Spur our imagination, sharpen our political will, and let us be instruments of your righteousness. 

In Christ’s name we pray,