Synod 2015

Reno Synod 2015

From the 3rd to the 5th of this coming December, the Diocese of Reno will hold its 2nd Diocesan Synod. This will be the first synod since the inaugural synod took place in 1957. Delegates have been chosen from each parish in the diocese to come together and bring their own unique insight and thoughts to light on how they believe the diocese can better serve those in need as well as its own members. As the first synod in almost sixty years, this is a historic event that needs all the participation that people can provide.

What is a synod?

As defined by the Code of Canon Law, “a diocesan synod is a group of selected priests and other members of the Christian faithful of a particular church who offer assistance to the diocesan bishop for the good of the whole diocesan community”. These members can include people from all walks of life in the Catholic faith, ordained or not. The purpose of a synod is to find what issues need addressing in a particular diocese and find ways to reunite all of the members of the Church in faith.

Who’s representing us?

The delegates to the synod have already been chosen by parishioners and, in some cases, Bishop Calvo. The members representing Our Lady of Wisdom are:

  • Debbie Bartley
  • Paige dePolo
  • Sarah Krum
  • Larry Marshall
  • Joanne Mallari
  • Jessica Ramirez

and Sunny Solomon is serving as an alternate. Congratulations to all of those elected to serve!

How can I participate?

Although the delegates have already been chosen, they are still looking for topics which need to be addressed at the synod. The synod is also interested in finding out how they can make the Catholic Church more inviting to people. If you want to offer a response or know someone who has distanced themselves from the Church, please feel free to send your suggestions to the Synod by using the link below:

The Catholic Church is Listening!

Prayer for the Synod

God our Father, You have called us by baptism
to be faithful members of your Church.
Send the Holy Spirit to guide the work
of the second Synod of the Diocese of Reno.
Inspire us to bring new life
to the mission of your Church
here in Northern Nevada.

Through the work of our Synod,
may we follow where the Holy Spirit leads,
to become instruments and hope for the world
in spreading the Good News
to people far and wide.

With example and help of Mary our Mother
who gathered with the disciples in the upper room,
may we listen to the promptings of the Spirit.
of the second Synod of the Diocese of Reno.

Come, Holy Spirit,
Fill the hearts of your faithful,
And kindle in them the fire of your love.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.