USCCB Statement on Disaster Relief

Relief Donations for Hurricanes & Earthquakes

U.S. Bishops Conference Executive Committee Release Statement in Wake of Catastrophic Hurricanes and Earthquakes; Encourage Faithful to Respond with Prayers and Support

WASHINGTON—In the wake of two devastating hurricanes in just two weeks, and the devastating earthquakes in Mexico the Executive Committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released the following statement:

“With lives and livelihoods still at risk in Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands  throughout the Caribbean, and Mexico we pray for the safety and care of human life in the wake of these disastrous events. The massive scale of the dual disasters and the effect it has on communities, families and individuals cannot be fully comprehended or adequately addressed in the immediate aftermath.”

At this time of initial recovery, we mourn the loss of life, homes and other property, and the harm to the natural environment, and we pray for all those affected and in need of assistance. We also pray for the safety of, and in thanksgiving for, the first responders who are risking their lives at this very moment in care for their neighbors, especially those who are elderly, sick, homeless, or otherwise already in need of special assistance.

We share Pope Francis’ trust that the Catholic faithful here in the United States will respond to the needs presented by these disasters with a ‘vast outpouring of solidarity and mutual aid in the best traditions of the nation.’ We encourage the faithful to respond generously with prayers, financial support, and for those who have the opportunity, the volunteering of time and talents in support of those in need.”

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